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From the Chairman.

Fellow Oldboys, may I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the Prince Edward Oldboys website. Prince Edward alumni is referred to as Old Hararians or Blue Bloods. I am hoping that this tool will go a long way in encouraging and fostering the interest of the former students of PRINCE EDWARD SCHOOL in the present day activities and aspirations of the school and to contribute in the sphere of education generally by providing assistance to the school and also to the community.


I’m yearning to see former students maintain their ties of friendship between them and promote a spirit of fellowship through visits, correspondence, and when occasion demands, provide moral, financial, social, professional and any other assistance which is within the powers of the Alumni Trust to provide. I would like to encourage all of you to network for business and support each other as PE oldboys! The issue of strengthening our relationships is very important, therefore, we are aiming to work hard on building/ fostering good relations and effective networks amongst the Old Boys. I have noticed that we all left school in different years and members are bound to relate better in their peer groups. With that in mind, I am suggesting that since you relate better in your cell groups, you can nominate one guy who drives the group in terms of strengthening our ties of friendships and to come up with different ideas on how we can support the school. The cells will feed off the general thrust or themes coming from your committee. The different ideas can then be channelled through to the committee on the ground in Zimbabwe for control and transparency. Gentlemen, what makes us unique and special is that we are PE boys and that alone should make us one big united family, so I am expecting to get great ideas and feedback from everyone to make this association a resounding success.


This is a good opportunity to get together again to remember those wonderful times we spent at PE when we were together almost every day, danced together, went through puberty together, when we formed many of the values we now hold dear, and many of the most intimate, precious and lasting friendships of our lives.


Someone once said, “It’s not what you live through that’s important, but what you learn through.” And one thing we’ve learned A LOT through this great institution is what others have lived through and passed on for others to learn through also. We could not have wished for a finer institution to be involved with in those formative years as youngsters. It was with a sense of pride that we wore the school's colours and we felt even then that we were all very special and privileged to be attending Prince Edward School. We indeed love our school! It is only when you have left school that you realize how great it is to be part of great tradition. Prince Edward School follows you everywhere and it is a key to many doors!


Let us cast our memories back to our formative years, the students, athletes, and friends we once were – reunited for a time, reliving our shared past. Everything that happened back then played its part in shaping us, so let us remember the youth we were. We also honour those who taught and encouraged us. We remember old friends, those who are with us now and those who have departed. May we always remember with gratitude what PE has done in making us who we are today!


Please feel free to follow us on the different official PE old boys/old Hararians social platforms.

Yours in Anticipation of working with you.

Willard Muchena

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