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Committee Member

First Name: Freddy T

Surname: Kaukau
Nickname: Mombe or Two cows.
Class of 91.
Rhodes House.

Sports: Played Rugby for Tigers, OH & Zimbank Sports Clubs.
Work: Currently working in the Tobacco Industry as a Buyer.

Married with one child.

Hobbies: fishing, fishing and more fishing.
2nd Term I watch as much PE Rugby games as possible.
I have been a committee member since 2015

My role within the Old boys committee is Membership recruitment. I try to reach out to PE Old boys and ask them to join the various social platforms which have been formed by the various age groups. I try to resale the PE brand to those Old boys that have forgotten the Good Old Days.


Apart from that, I help out with whatever duty the Chairman or Committee has assigned.

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